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Discover the island of dreams

The trips will take us to Berlenga Island, where there is a small sandy beach, a campsite, a restaurant, a small mini market and a few fisherman’s houses, where you will find the visitor’s centre. From here we can also embark on the tours to the caves or head out on the various trails leading to many different viewpoints, passing the Fortress of São João Batista and the Duque de Bragança Lighthouse.

The geomorphology of the archipelago plays a fundamental role as a unique ecosystem with a very rich biodiversity, both in terms of plant and animal life.

The Berlengas archipelago is subject to enormous environmental and anthropogenic pressures, which affect its characteristics, endangering its protected habitats (degradation) and endemic species (extinction).

In order to promote sustainable management and mitigate existing threats (such as climate change, excessive tourism, waste, and invasive species) the Berlengas archipelago has been placed under different protection schemes over the years, including the Berlenga Nature Reserve and the World Biosphere Reserve.

Mindful of its area of activity, Feeling Berlenga® is committed to the conservation of the ecosystem and prevention of environmental impacts: raising awareness of customers during visits to habitats and species watching (visit to the caves; walking tours; dolphin watching; diving activities); and through optimal management of trips and facilitating waste collection