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The archipelago can be divided into two distinct geological groups by morphology and origin: One group includes the island of Berlenga and the Estela islets, and is characterised by igneous rocks, known for its pink granite, and the other group comprises the Farilhões islets, which is characterised by metamorphic rocks.

Berlenga and the Estelas present a morphology characterized by cutouts, caves and paths, as the result of thousands of years of geological processes, accentuated by erosive processes. The following geoforms stand out:

  • Carreiro dos Cações and Carreiro do Mosteiro, which almost split Berlenga Island into two fragments, Velha Island and Berlenga;
  • Carreiro da Inês;
  • Furado Grande and Furado Pequeno;
  • Cova do Sono;
  • Cabeça do Elefante;
  • Gruta Azul and Gruta de S. João Baptista.

Embark on a tour of the caves around the island with Feeling Berlenga® to see these and other geoforms, and listen to our team’s explanations to learn more. During the visit, take the opportunity to notice that some forms enhance erosion processes at current sea level, while other erosion processes took place at higher altitudes, suggesting that the average sea level varied over the years. Don’t hesitate to ask questions!