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  • House rat (Rattus rattus) – One of the main threats to the offspring and eggs of seabirds;
  • European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) – In addition to being one of the main threats to endemic plants in the archipelago, it strongly contributes to the acceleration of erosion processes through the construction of burrows and tunnels, altering the natural dynamics of the soils;
  • Yellow-legged gull (Larus michahellis) – Seagulls pose multiple threats, as they: prey on endemic species such as the berlengas lizard and other sea birds, attacking their young and eggs; nitrify the soil with their droppings, and destroy vegetation for their nests;
  • Hottentot-fig (Carpobrotus edulis) – This invasive plant is highly resist and can propagate in a short time, preventing the development of other species.

Obviously, in addition to these natural threats, there are human threats, among which Feeling Berlenga® highlights:

  • Fishing nets;
  • Overfishing;
  • Hydrocarbon contamination;
  • Plastic in the oceans;
  • Waste thrown away at inappropriate locations.

As part of the local population and as agents in the Berlengas archipelago, we care about nature conservation, and our commitment is reflected in how we manage our activity:

  • Our vessels always carry the allowed capacity in order to respect the island’s carrying capacity;
  • n the course of all our experiences, we raise awareness regarding the collection of waste and its disposal at appropriate locations;
  • We strongly encourage our customers to limit their walks to the existing trails both on our guided tours and in private walks;
  • We contribute to a greater knowledge and awareness of the natural heritage that is offered to us every day.